Terms and conditions


By placing an order on our website, the customer confirms having read and accepted the present terms and conditions.
RC-TECH LLC reserves the right to modify these conditions without prior notification, the conditions mentioned at the time of the order apply.


Actual products can differ from the illustrations displayed on our website, these are only included for information. Depending on our supplies, you might receive a product that differs from the ordered one, but with equivalent characteristics.

Some of our products use radiofrequency video transmitters that operate in the 2.4GHz band. The RF powers of these transmitters are mentioned in the products’ specifications. The buyer takes all responsibility to ensure operation of this equipment is legal where he intends to use it, and that the operator has all the authorizations / licenses that could be required. We decline all responsibility in case of trouble importing or using these products.

Our shop offers an assortment of Lithium-polymer batteries. These batteries present a fire hazard when misused. As we cannot check if they are handled properly, we don’t offer any warranty on these items, and decline all responsibility for any damage caused by their use. The buyer is responsible for taking the appropriate safety measures.

Sales and payment

Unless prior arrangement is made, all orders are delivered only after the entire payment is received. We reserve the right to refuse an arrangement without explanation. All bank fees are to be paid by the buyer. Please pay particular attention to this point to avoid unnecessary delays and extra bank fees which would result from an incomplete payment.

All orders placed from outside Switzerland represent an import by the buyer. The buyer will thus have to pay import taxes (VAT, handling fees,…) to the destination country’s customs authority. These are not included in the displayed prices and will vary with each country. The buyer is responsible to gather the necessary information to avoid bad surprises. Goods are declared with their real value.


Orders are delivered according to the shipping method selected in the shop as soon as possible. Delivery time estimations shown in the shop are only an indication and do not represent any engagement from our part. The lead times apply once full payment is received. Please be aware that some of our products are only ordered upon request. In that case, we’re dependent on our suppliers’ lead times.

For orders placed outside Switzerland, the buyer is responsible for checking that the goods he orders are legal for use in his country, for paying the applicable import duties and for solving any customs-related issues.

We take no responsibility for problems encountered with the transporters.

Customer care, warranty

We handle all customer care on our own, please contact us if required.

All goods are tested before shipping. We offer a one-year warranty on all our products except those in the “Sales” category and all batteries. The warranty only covers factory defects. All problems due to improper handling (shock, wrong connections,…) and all unauthorised attempts to modify or repair the products will void the warranty.

We offer a repair service (subject to charge) for all our products, even beyond warranty coverage. An offer can be made once the goods sent in for examination.

All returns require prior authorisation. We won’t treat goods received without prior contact. Sipping charges are at the customer’s expense.

Display device defects (“dead pixels”) are not covered.